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In mechanic terms, tune-up means fixing the basics of your car. Replace the spark plugs, air filters, or other necessities to ensure your car is running at its finest. We have brought that same definition into the mechanics of men’s hair cutting in Michigan making sure we tighten up the edges and have you looking your finest. In addition, at Hair Mechanix we have an extensive line of products to help you look your best!

Our stylist can recommend just the right product for you to keep you looking your best. One of our most popular brands is American Crew. We offer a full lineup of American Crew products such as pomade, molding clay, styling gel and much more. Ask your stylist for all the latest products from American Crew.

Beard Styling

Do you have a beard and looking to keep it stylish? Have you heard of Billy Jealous? If you have not, you soon will. To take care of your manly beard, your best option is Billy Jealous. Billy Jealous has a complete line of products to keep your beard or goatee looking great all year long. Their pre-shave products are the best way to make your shave smooth and easy. The Hot Towel pre-shave gives you that warm relaxing hot towel shave feel of a barber.

Need a new shampoo to help you look your best? Here at Hair Mechanix we offer Redken Brews shampoos and conditioners. Redken shampoos are some of the best on the market. They can handle any type of hair from oily to dry these shampoos can handle it all. Finally, if you are looking for that unique style and hold try Layrite hair products.

Layrite hair products can give you the exact look you need. They offer pomade, supershine cream, matte cream, cement clay, and grooming spray. If you have questions about our products or which one is right for you visit one of our great locations today!

Redken Brews
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