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Balding Hairstyles For Men

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Are you beginning to experience balding? Whether young or old, balding is a part of life for many men. For most, it can cause a lack of self-confidence, while others just look in the mirror and shake their heads. Our beautiful hairstylists at Hair Mechanix want you to know that it doesn’t have to take a toll on your confidence! Many women like a guy who rocks a balding head! There are many balding hairstyles for men that can reduce the visibility of bald spots or let you rock them while staying fashionable.

Bald Spot on the Crown of the Head

One of the most common spots for balding is the crown of the head. Our stylists see men daily who are looking for a hairstyle for a balding crown. One thing to keep in mind is that shorter hair will bring less emphasis to thinning areas of a man’s head. Buzz cuts or fades are great options for male haircuts for balding or thinning on the crown of the head.

Other male hairstyles for balding crowns include comb-overs or spiked hair. Please know, that we are not talking about a Trump comb-over! For men comb-overs or spiked hair, often require you to do some morning maintenance. Our professional hairstylists will not only give you the best haircut for your balding head but will also guide you through how to go about maintaining it.

Receding Hairline Hairstyles

Not all men struggle with a bald spot on the crown of their heads. Some are more concerned about their receding hairline. There are many male haircuts for receding hairlines that are designed to reduce the visibility of the recession. If you are not balding on the crown, a receding hairline is easier to hide than you may think. Keeping hair on top of your head longer allows you to style it in various ways to hide a receding hairline. However, finding stylists that can give quality haircuts for men with receding hairlines. Once again, our professional hairstylists will find the perfect hairstyle for your receding hairline, while teaching you how to maintain it.

Going Bald All The Way

At some point, it may be time for a man to just decide that “bald is better” and go all the way. If you struggle with both a bald spot on the back of your head, as well as a receding hairline and want to go all the way, a professionally shaved head with all the treatments is the way to go. At Hair Mechanix, we can make you feel good!¬†¬†Going bald and keeping a beard is becoming a very popular hairstyle among men, both young and old. Be sure to discuss your options with your hairstylist!

Hair Mechanix wants to make sure that you leave feeling confident and looking your best. Our hairstylists will make sure that you have the best haircut to fit your face. We have locations in Michigan, Florida (Jacksonville, Mandarin, Treaty Oaks, World Golf Village, and Yulee), Pennsylvania (Washington), and soon Ohio (Monroe)!

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