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Haircuts for Men with Long Hair

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Haircuts for Men with Long Hair

Who says that long hair doesn’t look good on guys? Some men put a lot of work into growing their hair. However, it’s important to know how to style and maintain long hair. That means getting the right haircut. Although people define long hair differently for men than they do for women, it still takes a lot of effort to keep it looking nice. Fortunately, there are haircuts for men that are perfect for men with long hair, and skilled Hair Mechanix stylists do them!

Men’s Long Hair Lengths

Before going into the hairstyles, let’s go over the different hair lengths that are considered long for men. The majority of people think of the extreme when it comes to long hair such as waist length. However, hair length that is at or more than six inches is considered to be long. Yet, hair length varies for men cause their haircuts are traditionally shorter. As a result, there are a few different lengths that can be defined as long. This includes:

  • Medium Length (2 inches to 4 inches)
  • Medium-Long Length (4 inches to 6 inches)
  • Shoulder Length (6 inches to 8 inches)
  • Long Length (8 inches and above)

Depending on your facial structure, some hair length will look better than others. However, if you want to avoid having your hair scruffy and unkept, you need to figure out how to style your hair. That is where long hair specialists can help!

Best Haircuts for Men with Long Hair

So, what are some hairstyle options that men have? Let’s first go over the different haircuts that are appealing for men who have medium-length hair. Medium-length presents its own problems. It is not long enough to tuck your hair away but too long to style into a shorter look. However, medium-length is easy to manage once you get used to it. Especially with the right haircut! A few hairstyles include:

  • Side and Front Part
  • Bun
  • Shag
  • Comb Over
  • Pompadour

men trimming their own long hairWhen it comes to shoulder-length hair, you start losing styling options. The longer your hair grows, the fewer hairstyles available for men. Which is unfortunate, considering how long it takes to grow out your hair. However, you still have options. Some hairstyles that you can sport are:

  • Let Down with a Front Part
  • Wavy
  • Tied Back
  • Man Bun (only if you rock it!)

All of these hairstyles can be maintained with haircare products like pomade, hair clay, and hairspray.

That being said, it’s probably not a good idea to cut your own long hair because cutting and trimming the ends is an important step. However, don’t hesitate to ask your stylist for advice on how to maintain your new haircut. Stop by your local Hair Mechanix, where every shop has skilled stylists providing professional haircare services!

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