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Male Waxing Services At Hair Mechanix

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Male Waxing Services At Hair MechanixEveryone wants to look good, especially for the lady in your life. But sometimes, too much hair can ruin that. If you have excess hair in your ears, nose, or center-brow, come get waxed at your local Hair Mechanix! Wax off a little or a lot, whatever hair gets you the win! For great and low prices, get looking good before the Summer ends!

Male Waxing Services – How do we do it?

Waxing isn’t fun but as they say; beauty is a pain. Our experienced stylists try to be as gentle as possible to make the generally uncomfortable experience as comfortable and relaxing as it can be. But how they do it?

Eyebrows- To wax the eyebrows, the stylists use hot wax and waxing strips. The wax is heated before being gently applied to the skin between the eyebrows. When the wax is cooled, the strip is quickly removed with the hair. Afterward, you will look good as new with a clean space between your eyebrows!

Inner Nose and Ears- To wax the inner nose and ears, the stylists use medical-grade cotton swabs coated in hot wax. They gently dip the cotton swab in the wax before sticking it in the nose and ears. After waiting for the wax to set, they will quickly pull it out, accompanied by the hair.

Male services are available at Hair Mechanix which includes waxing. You can also enjoy some of our other services such as haircuts, coloring services, scalp treatments, and even beard trims. When it comes to our waxing services, our stylists use precise methods to wax all of the hair presents.

Hair Mechanix Great Locations

Our Michigan locations include Auburn Hills, Brighton, Livonia, Monroe, Southgate, Troy, Warren, Waterford, and Westland. If you are in a hurry, you can make an appointment right now or just walk right in! So, come in today!

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