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When it comes to men's hair, some men are blessed with a lifetime of luxurious locks while others struggle with
Scalp Treatment and Massage for Men Hard week? Need a second to breathe and get yourself together? Why not get
We are all settled now, in Auburn Hills Michigan. Our introductory period was a great success! So many of our
Rio Olympic Hairstyles The Olympics are in full swing out in Rio and the U.S. is taking it by storm!
Tips From The Professionals! We here at Hair Mechanix want you to be in on the loop on the coolest
Often times, we see popular hairstyles worn by male athletes. Depending on the sport being played, there are many different
With summer approaching, what could be better than having a sizzlin’ hair cut by a sizzlin’ stylist? And by “sizzlin’”
We love Beard Trimming at Hair Mechanix The beard trend is still here in the D and everywhere we go! There
Detroit Grooming Company has entered Hair Mechanix Locations! We are excited to announce that we are now a Detroit Grooming