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Haircuts for Men Through Out The Years

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haircuts for men

Since the dawn of time, haircuts for men have been essential for functionality. In the early stages of mankind, there were limited options for our ancestors. For Neanderthals and ancient humans, their choice was to cut their hair with flint, grow it in a braid, or use mud. Not ideal to say the least. Yet, time continued on.  The rise and fall of the Roman Empire was another step in haircuts. As many adopted the Germanic style. In those times, royal men or those with prestige wore their hair long. While the lower class and slaves had short hair or shaved.

haircuts for men


French Hair Status

Hair was recognized as a status symbol for civilizations. However, 17th century France brought another level to haircuts. By hiding them. Instead of growing your own generous, luxurious locks, men of status would wear a long wig. Royalty like King Louis XIV would show off his wig to the entire world. This French king is recorded in documents and painted as a powerful man who wore a wig. The wig trend would continue for nearly 100 years until George Washington came around.

Liberating Men’s Hair

That is right. George Washington liberated us through tyranny and wigs. You see that photo of this beautiful man. He is the reason why men do not walk around with a powder wig. You see, George Washington did something astonishing in his time period. He broke the trend. The reason, he was in the middle of a war! What idiot would wear a long wig into a battlefield?! So, he broke the mold. He powdered his own hair, pulled his hair back, and had extra long sideburns. Truly a man before his time. Fighting for hair freedom everywhere. Oh…and is a key figure in the Revolutionary War and 1st President.

So, who was the next person to revolutionize haircuts for men? It is hard to imagine that honor goes to author Charles Dickens. That is right. The famous English writer that gifted us the Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, and other novels, could not stop there. As a result, this man inspired a new era of haircuts as well. Before his balding in his later years, Dickens could put Loreal to shame. His thick mess of curls leads to the development of a classic hairstyle. The comb-over. 1800s ladies probably fell instantly in love. Just feel bad they did not find any stylish haircuts for thinning hair back then.

Aren’t you glad haircuts evolved? While it was slow progress at the start, the 1900s was an evolutionary wave for haircuts.

Modern Haircuts For Men

The 1900s was like going through a time warp when it comes to hairstyles. Like a clearing fog, people began to see that your hair does not need to belong or be puffy. Hair could be long and crazy. Just look at Albert Einstein, he’s basically the creator of the ‘mad scientist look. Right and left, new haircuts were emerging. Buzz cuts, pompadours, the mop-top, afros, dreadlocks, and the slick back. Honest to say, if you can name a hairstyle it came in this time period. After all, they sure don’t look like the wacky hair of our ancestors.

With modern times came changes to the places where haircuts were done. Barbershops may have begun in 296 B.C. but they sure did not stay there. The modern barbershop or hair salon is meant to be a place to get an amazing haircut in an amazing atmosphere.  However, there are so many options now. Pretty sure selecting a hair salon in 296 B.C. was easier. Hair salons are always trying to argue that they are best. It can be overwhelming to choose. Yet, there is only one that gives you a unique experience. And that is Hair Mechanix.

Haircuts for Men at Hair Mechanix

When it comes to the evolution of men’s haircuts, Hair Mechanix is hard to beat. Somehow, during the evolution of hair, hair salons for women overwhelmed a market. While there were other options, none of them had the same appeal. Men needed haircuts. So, out of the ashes of a decreasing barbershop market came Hair Mechanix. A barbershop that provides the best hair maintenance a man could ask for. This barbershop is the next age of barbershops. With a unique atmosphere, amazing services, and talented stylists, you don’t need to worry about hitting the powder your hair phase of humanity. No, our stylists are constantly learning to create and replicate haircuts that could make you the next trendsetter. Whether you are looking a summer look, a cool new hairstyle or something that will make the ladies turn around, Hair Mechanix’s haircuts are guaranteed to please.

Want to be a George Washington? Then come down to Hair Mechanix and revolutionize your hair!


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