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Memorable Football Hairstyles Throughout The Years Brian Bosworth
This year the NFL is celebrating its 100th year. Throughout those 100 years, there have been some memorable football hairstyles. 
The Contest Has Ended Congratulations to N. Emerson The Contest Winner! The Renaissance Fair is an outdoor reenactment of life
Thinning Hair Styles
As we age, our hair will thin. But what is the best way to handle one’s thinner hair? There are
Beard Grooming And Other Men's Services
At Hair Mechanix, we are known for the best men's haircuts in the Metro Detroit area. Did you know you
Looking Good For Graduation This Summer at Hair Mechanix
With summer quickly approaching that means prom and graduation is arriving quickly as well. All those pictures that you are
Popular Spring Haircuts
Spring has finally arrived! That means warmer weather, longer days, and Spring cleaning. Winter is over and so is the
Get a haircut this Easter!
Easter Sunday is right around the corner! This means that your family will be getting together to go to church
March Madness
March Madness is just around the corner.  Time to fill out brackets you know nothing about and wager on teams
Get a St Patrick's day hair cut
Are you looking to surprise that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Come on into one of our Hair Mechanix locations!