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Now Open In Jacksonville!
During the COVID-19 outbreak, many states ordered a shelter in place order.  During this time, you are to remain in
When all this craziness from the shut down finally passes, you will most likely need a haircut! When the quarantine
New Client Special
In celebration of the opening of the brand new Shelby Hair Mechanix, all new clients can get a haircut for
Visit The New Shelby Location!
If you are in the Shelby Township area, make sure to visit our newest Shelby location on 23 Mile Road!
Straight Razor Shave Tips
A straight razor shave is one of the closest and smoothest shaves you will ever have. Doing it your self
Are you looking to treat yourself this holiday season? Come into your local Hair Mechanix for a free shampoo, neck
Memorable Football Hairstyles Throughout The Years Brian Bosworth
This year the NFL is celebrating its 100th year. Throughout those 100 years, there have been some memorable football hairstyles. 
The Contest Has Ended Congratulations to N. Emerson The Contest Winner! The Renaissance Fair is an outdoor reenactment of life
Thinning Hair Styles
As we age, our hair will thin. But what is the best way to handle one’s thinner hair? There are