Braiding Services For Men and Women

Braiding Services For Men and Women

Braiding services for men and women are not “one size fits all.” Many factors go into braiding hair. As a result, these services need to have extra consideration during the braiding process. So, what goes into hair braiding and what can you get out of this service?

Fine vs Coarse Hair Texture

While people automatically believe hair length is the most important part of braiding, it is hair texture. Regardless if you are a man or a woman, hair texture will always affect the braiding process. Fine hair is easy to braid in comparison to coarse hair for a variety of reasons.

First of all, fine hair is a fragile and silky hair type. This is because fine hair has hair strands that are small in diameter. For comparison, fine hair has half the thickness of regular copy paper. As a result, fine hair weighs down easily. This can be difficult for styling. However, it makes it the ideal hair type for braiding. The lack of thickness allows for smaller and tighter braids, opening up a variety of braids.

In comparison, coarse hair has a larger hair diameter. As a result, the coarse hair is super thick. While this hair type is stronger, it is prone to becoming frizzy in humidity. Furthermore, it makes braids difficult. The thickness of the hair reduces some braiding options and can be difficult to style.

While hair texture matters, all hair can be braided. Hair type only determines how involved the braiding process will be. So, what type of braids can you get through a braiding service?

Braiding Services

When you are getting your hair braided, the time varies. Hair texture and lengths can affect how long it takes to braid hair. Furthermore, sometimes your hair will need to be cleaned up before going through the process to clean it and get rid of loose ends. You have the option of having multiple braids, ranging from 2 to even 8. You can also have your design for your braids. You can fully braid your hair but you can also braid just the side of your head. You can have braided ponytails and buns. There are plenty of options!

Braiding Services at Hair Mechanix

Hair Mechanix prides itself on providing top-of-the-line hair maintenance services for our clients! As a result, you can get high-quality hair braiding services for men and women at one of our locations! While braiding is popular, it is not a regular service so call ahead for a consolation about our braiding services.

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