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Time for a Fresh Haircut

Dayton beach haircuts from Hair Mechanix
Spring is rolling along and now we are in a time when May’s spring weather finally turns into a warmer summer sun and breeze.  A fresh haircut is the best way to meet this transition. And, if you live near, or are driving by our newest Hair Mechanix location in Daytona Beach, you’ll get a awesome cut in the coolest barber shop in Florida. There are so many special events and occasions this time of year making it a perfect time to take advantage of the specials available at your local Hair Mechanix!

A Fresh Haircut for Special Events

A fresh haircut always has a calm and relaxing feeling to it. You get a gentle hair wash with great products and exceptional scalp massage. Your can get a new hairstyle or simply a trim, cutting off the frayed ends. Anytime you get a new haircut, you feel like an entirely new person. That’s why people like to get their hair done before special occasions like Memorial Day or Father’s day. Why not impress your friends and family with a brand new look? There may be a wedding or graduation party looming where you’d like to look your best. Or, you might simply want to get a close cut to keep you cooler as the temperature heats up.

Crew for the Troops

Memorial Day is a federal holiday that focuses on honoring and mourning military personnel who died while serving in the Armed Forces. In addition to people visiting the gravestones of family members, people also celebrate with barbecues and other outdoor events. The Hair Mechanix crew wants to help people look their best on important days like this, especially veterans. That is why Hair Mechanix offers discounts for veterans.

If you are looking to get a haircut before any spring or summer event, check out our holiday hours and schedule an appointment or simply walk in!

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