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How to Handle Your Dry Scalp In Winter

During the winter, dry scalp tends to become a major problem for people, especially for men. Hair Mechanix has talked about how the sun can damage your hair and scalp. However, the cold weather can be just as bad for your hair! In addition to frigid temperatures in northern states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, people have to deal with the dry air. The dry atmosphere prevents moisture from attaching to the hair shaft, causing hair breakage. It also causes the cuticles of the hair to lift, causing frizz.

How Winter Causes Dry Scalp

The worst part about dry air is what it does to your scalp! Winter is notorious for its dry air due to the cold temperatures being unable to contain moisture like it does in warm air. As a result, the air tries to take the moisture from other sources. That is why people frequently experience dry skin, chapped lips, nosebleeds, and other conditions during the cold months. It is also the source of dry scalp. Because your scalp cannot lock in the moisture, your skin gets dry causing small, dry flakes to fall from your scalp. In addition, a dry scalp can also prevent your hair shaft from getting the oils it needs, causing breakage and making it look lifeless.

Dry Scalp Treatment

Scalp Massage

Wow! This sounds really bad, right? Dealing with dull, lifeless hair in the winter is terrible, especially with extra flakes falling from your head.  Fortunately, theredry scalp winter are ways to treat your dry scalp in winter. One of the best ways to tackle your dry scalp is actually a massage. A scalp massage is the perfect way to stimulate your skin and allow you to remove the buildup of oil, skin cells, and hair products. Getting your natural hair oil flowing is the best way to keep your scalp from getting dry!

Hair Products

Next, you should look at your hair products. During the winter, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that help hydrate your scalp and hair shafts. Products with Tea Tree ingredients help reduce oil buildup and eliminate excess dry skin. If your shampoo and conditioner are not doing their job, there are some topical options. However, the best way to treat your dry scalp is to ask your stylist. Your Hair Mechanix stylists can help you find the best products to keep your hair in perfect condition all winter long!

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