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Taper vs Fade Haircuts

Fade HaircutThe new year is finally here which means it’s time for you to get a new haircut! You have so many options to choose from between buzz cuts, crew cuts, pompadours, mullets, man buns, and everything in between. Two of the most popular haircuts are the taper and the fade. However, they are also two of the most misunderstood men’s haircuts and are often confused with one another. If you want a sleek and simple hairstyle, you should consider getting a taper or fade haircut! 

Fade Haircuts

A fade haircut is a modern take on the classic military cut and mimics a sort of basic crew cut. The sides are shaved down and the hair is kept longer on the top of the head. The hair decreases in length from the top of the head to shorter hair or sometimes a bald scalp at the base of the head and on the sides. Overall, faded haircuts are sleek, abrupt, and dramatic hairstyles that help individuals to exude confidence. 

Taper Hairstyles

Taper haircuts are a type of fade hairstyle that is slightly more subtle. Inside of the dramatic decrease in length down the sides and back of the head, taper haircuts have a slight taper in length from the middle of the head down the sides past the ears and to the base of the head. A taper cut allows the wearer’s hair to have volume without being so attention-grabbing and blunt as a typical fade. 

If you think a taper or fade haircut is right for you, head into your local Hair Mechanix today! Our talented stylists can help you decide which hairstyle is right for you. We also offer many more special services that you can choose to make your Hair Mechanix experience even better. We look forward to seeing you!

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