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Do Women Like Buzz Cuts?

Do Women like Buzz Cuts

Do women like buzz cuts? There is no definite answer. After all, people have different opinions and preferences. There are many women who like and dislike the buzz cut hairstyle. However, it is important to know why buzz cuts can be appealing and unappealing to other people.

Facial Structure

Without a doubt, facial structure can affect how hairstyles look on a person. Most people fall under different categories of facial structure such as:

  • Long Face
  • Round Face
  • Diamond Face
  • Square Face
  • Oval Face
  • Triangular Face

Considering the differences between each facial type, buzz cut look better on some faces. For buzz cuts, the ideal face types are diamond, long, and square. However, round faces are not compatible with buzz cuts. Making sure you have the optimal faces will make the haircut standout and be more attractive to others.

Length of Buzz Cut

One of the listed disadvantages of buzz cuts is length. While some women like the short aspect, others don’t like extremely short buzz cuts. This is because it gets rid of the ability to brush through someone’s hair. However, buzz cuts can have a variety of lengths. While most people associate the buzz cut with a military style of cut (basically almost shaved off), these cuts can have longer lengths. Most of women are forgiving of this disadvantage if the cut is more like a crew cut or high-and-tight. Furthermore, these longer cuts hide your scalp.

“Tough Guy” Look

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Considering buzz cuts are strongly associated with the military, it seems to be a given that this style would have a strong, masculine vibe. As a result, it can be a hit or miss with some people. While many women would like the tough guy appeal, others believe that people with these haircuts are trying too hard. Regardless, it’s up to you if you want to rock this masculine vibe.

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