Classic Scissors vs. Clippers

So, classic scissors vs. clippers?

People will never see a stylist without their equipment. However, a hairstylist has to choose the best tool for the job. When it comes to cutting hair, there are only two options. Scissors and clippers. However, is there a difference between the two? Is one more popular than the other?

What You Should Know

Barbers have been around for centuries. In the Middle Ages, barbers were trusted with more than just hair. However, as the field specialized, barbers began to focus their techniques. For a long time, the default tool for hairstylists was scissors and eventually straight razors. However, 1921 would add a new tool to the hairstylist’s toolbox. The electric hair clippers were designed to be convenient and efficient.  Both scissors and clippers cut hair. However, the types of cuts are different. While scissor cuts are loose, clipper cuts are tight. This difference is what differentiates scissors and clippers cuts.

Since scissor cuts are loose, they contour better to the head. As a result, scissor cuts are more natural and are easier to blend. Furthermore, these cuts grow back naturally and are better than clippers. Finally, scissor cuts tend to last longer and there is more control over the cuts.

Clipper cuts are the best for very close cuts, like buzz cuts. Since clippers result in tight, short cuts, hair tends to grow back at different rates. However, clippers can accommodate thicker hair lengths. In addition, clippers are easier to maneuver, allowing for complex cuts and details.

Why Do Some Men Choose One Over Another?

There are pros and cons to both types of cuts.

Electric clippers are popular with some men because of their accessibility. Owning and maintaining clipper cuts are easier and control the amount of hair cut off because of the guard. Also, clippers can make shorter hair look thicker and keep a symmetrical cut. Men who prefer high and tight cuts will also have an affinity for these types of cuts. In addition, clippers can create a polish fade. However, clipper cuts can damage hair over time and mistakes are harder to correct.

For scissor fans, these cuts are versatile with how they are used and work well on all types of hair. If a mistake is made during the cut, it is easier to correct because it is a loose cut. Scissors also do not rely on batteries. However, you need to pay close attention when cutting with scissors. Furthermore, men are restricted to a simple trim at home between haircuts.

Ask Your Stylist

Classic scissors vs. clippers? That is a tough question that really depends on the person and what type of hairstyle you want.

While people have their preferences, sometimes you have to use one cut over the other. That is why it’s important to talk with your hairstylist. Professional stylists will understand what cut will look the best. Most hairstylists blend both scissor and clipper cuts to give people their ideal looks. When it comes to reaching your hair goals, the stylist at Hair Mechanix will help you meet them in no time! All of our services focus on giving you the best manscaping around.

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