Beard Grooming And Other Men’s Services

Beard Grooming And Other Men's Services

At Hair Mechanix, we are known for the best men’s haircuts in the Metro Detroit area. Did you know you can get other great services such as beard grooming?  During the summer months, your beard may get a little hot and itchy, so a nicely groomed trim can always help out. From goatees to full-on Paul Bunyon beards we can help trim and make them look great. All of our locations offer bear grooming and trimming.

Beard Grooming and Trimming

Male services are available at Hair Mechanix which includes beard and mustache trimming. Of course, we can also trim those out of control eyebrows as well.  But do not stop there, enjoy some of our other services such as coloring services, scalp treatments, and even waxing. When it comes to our trimming services make sure to try a straight razor face shave or even a full head shave. If you are in a hurry, you can make an appointment right now or just walk right in!

Hair Mechanix locations are all over, but take the time and visit one of our newest locations in Brighton or Troy. The Troy Hair Mechanix is located off of 14 Mile Road in Troy. The Brighton location is located near 23.  If you would like to see some of the latest cuts and news at Hair Mechanix check out our Instagram and Facebook pages. IF you are looking for a deal make sure to check out our deals page and also to sign up for exclusive deals!

For this Fourth of July, make sure to look your best with a haircut and a beard trim at Hair Mechanix. Become the talk of your holiday party with a great new look. Our talented stylists are waiting on you so stop by today you will be glad you did!

Looking Good For Graduation This Summer

Looking Good For Graduation This Summer at Hair Mechanix

With summer quickly approaching that means prom and graduation is arriving quickly as well. All those pictures that you are going to have to take, and you want to look your best. Reserving limos and tuxedos are always on the list, but one you should not forget is to get that new haircut. When it comes to men’s haircuts in Metro Detroit, your first choice is Hair Mechanix!

Graduation, Prom, and Parties

No matter if you are graduating in Westland, Brighton, Livonia, Waterford, Southgate, Auburn Hills, Monroe, Warren, or Troy we have you covered.  This time of year can be hectic to graduating seniors with so many things to do. The good news is at Hair Mechanix you can walk right in without an appointment. Also, you can make an appointment if you are tight on time. Once you get here, sit back relax and enjoy your time at Hair Mechanics.

Our experienced barbers and stylists can give you the new look that best fits you. Along with a fresh new haircut, there is a variety of other grooming services you can choose from as well. Has your beard got a little out of control? You can get a beard or goatee trim or have it completely shaved with a straight razor. Do you have a little extra hair around ears, nose, or eyebrows? We can provide you with waxing services to clear out all those unwanted hairs.

Scalp Treatments and Coloring

Are you stressed from all the pressure of graduating? Come in and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage for 5 or 10 minutes. It will give you the relaxation you so deserve. In addition, if you are tired of the same old color of your hair, we can give you the new color you always wanted. Want to be blonde, redhead, or how about black hair? We provide coloring services for that look you want to remember.

This is the first major step before seniors head out to college or join the workforce so make sure to get your haircut today.  Finally, visit us today so you can look your best for graduation!