How To Talk to Your Stylist To Get The Cut You Want

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Don’t know how to talk to your stylist? We’ve got some tips!

How many times have you gone to your stylist or barber and walked away less than happy? Chances are like most guys you either didn’t know what you wanted or didn’t know what to say to your stylist. Well here at Hair Mechanix want to help you get the perfect haircut for your head.

>We’ve talked about the hottest hair trends,  beards and face shape, beard styles, and tips to work with thinning hair but still, some guys just don’t know how to get the cut or style they want. We want to make sure you get exactly what you envisioned when you come to us. Which is why we wanted to give some tips and tricks to making sure your stylist gives you the cut you want.

What to Say to Your Stylist When Getting a Haircut


Men’s Hair Styles in 2016

Sexy Trends of 2016

IMG_3376Why not start 2016 off right with a new hot look? 2015 saw an explosion of new hair trends in the men’s hair industry, some of which are predicting to stick around in 2016. So if you’ve wanted to try a new edgier look come on into Hair Mechanix. We can clean you up and get you ready to greet 2016 looking good.

The first part of 2016 is going to be focused on the fade and the pompadour. You’ll also see undercuts, hard parts, bald fade, and the carved undercut that we loved so much! 

First things first
, the fade. This trend isn’t going to go anywhere any time soon, so if you’ve been hoping to try it, this is the year. You have several options when it comes to your fade. Medium fades, fades higher up on the head, and bald fades (more on those later).

Also top on the list: The Pompadour. Pompadours are going to carry over strong into 2016. Its a nod to classic cuts from yesteryear, with a modern messy twist. The length of the pompadour will vary, so you can make it your own. Add some texture and you’ll be ahead of the curve. 



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Another Take:

This cut here is the blueprint for every style 2016 is going to bring. Pompadour on top, with varying fades on the sides with a beard that is well kept but still sexy.

2016 is set to be the year that beards cleaned themselves up. If your beard has been out of control for too long, then try out bear trimming and shaping services. We will clean up your scruff and make you look like a clean professional look.

client 4 The Hard Part 

Another hair trend that isn’t going away from 2016 is the hard part. Define your part more with this bold look. We’ll help define your part with this look. It can help clean up your look and set you apart from the next guy.


Haircut by George Coady

Varying Looks and Combinations:
Bald FadeMedium Pompadour

Haircut by Cancela Barber

Haircut by Cancela Barber

Low Skin Fade Long Pompadour


Haircut by Henry Lopezs

Short sides with Longer Textured hair on top

Haircut by Javi The Barber

Haircut by Javi The Barber

High Fade Pompadour

Haircut by criztofferson

Haircut by criztofferson

Bald Fade, Hard Part, Disconnected Designer beard
Beard Services From Hair Mechanix

Ariel Ricks

Ariel Ricks

Classic Crew Cut with a little twist, a little length on top with with a skin fade.

So now you know some of the hottest trends coming in 2016 and we can help you get these looks. Call to book an appointment today or walk in to any of our great locations!