Do Women Like Buzz Cuts?

Do women like buzz cuts? There is no definite answer. After all, people have different opinions and preferences. There are many women who like and dislike the buzz cut hairstyle. However, it is important to know why buzz cuts can be appealing and unappealing to other people. Facial Structure Without a doubt, facial structure can…

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Halloween Haircut Time

Boo! Time to get ready for Halloween! Halloween is one of the best times of the year. A time of year where people can go all out with amazing costumes and makeup. You can either dress up like a charming prince or a horrifying serial killer like Micheal Myer. However, getting your haircut in October…

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Southgate Hair Mechanix Visit Today

Have you visited your Southgate Hair Mechanix yet? If you are not familiar with Hair Mechanix we are a full-service men’s salon that we like to call our Shop. Also, like a mechanic shop, filled with everything for men. From the walls with ridiculously cool images, always streaming rock music and live sports games, to…

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