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How to Connect with Hair Mechanix

How to Connect with Hair MechanixHow to Connect with Hair MechanixHow to Connect with Hair MechanixHow to Connect with Hair Mechanix

Here at Hair Mechanix, we’re always looking to engage and interact with the guys who love our shops and give you chances for coupons and deals. We’ve got a few ways that you can connect with us online to get the best Hair Mechanix experience that you can get. Let’s talk about a few!

Different Ways to Connect With Hair Mechanix

-Downloading Our App –

Have you checked out the app from the App Store and Google Play? We created a convenient and easy to use app for your phone that allows you get the best out of your next haircut. We have featured on the app like booking, access to coupons, and gives you any notices that you might need before you come by. It’s free and easy to use, so check it out! Like stickers? Download our sticker’s app too!

-Instagram –

Did you know that each of our stores has their own Instagram? Now you can follow your favorite stylist or location and see what awesome cuts their cranking out. Follow our main account as well and you’ll get first-hand access to any Hair Mechanix news, coupons, or deals going on for the day! Check us our on Instagram today!

-Sign Up for Specials Offers –

Want quick and easy access to new coupons, deals, and announcements? Sign up for our email list and be the first one to know whats going on. We won’t spam your inbox, and you’ll get access to special coupons that aren’t out or on our website. Why wait? Sign up today!
-Facebook –

Want a little more pizazz in your timeline? Go over and give our Facebook page a like! We frequently publish the best of our Instagram feed, new blogs, and entertaining things as well. We want to keep you in the loop with all the most recent men’s hair trends and the newest men’s hair products so check it out!

Ok! So we’ve given you lots of ways to connect with us and your favorite barber at Hair Mechanix… so whats stopping you? Get out there and give us a follow or a like today!

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