Classic Scissors vs. Clippers

So, classic scissors vs. clippers? People will never see a stylist without their equipment. However, a hairstylist has to choose the best tool for the job. When it comes to cutting hair, there are only two options. Scissors and clippers. However, is there a difference between the two? Is one more popular than the other?…

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Halloween Haircut Time

Boo! Time to get ready for Halloween! Halloween is one of the best times of the year. A time of year where people can go all out with amazing costumes and makeup. You can either dress up like a charming prince or a horrifying serial killer like Micheal Myer. However, getting your haircut in October…

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Southgate Hair Mechanix Visit Today

Have you visited your Southgate Hair Mechanix yet? If you are not familiar with Hair Mechanix we are a full-service men’s salon that we like to call our Shop. Also, like a mechanic shop, filled with everything for men. From the walls with ridiculously cool images, always streaming rock music and live sports games, to…

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