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Relaxing Scalp Massage For Men

Scalp Treatment and Massage for Men

Scalp massage to relax
Take yourself to another place with a scalp treatment and massage

Hard week? Need a second to breathe and get yourself together? Why not get a scalp massage for a little relaxation? Sit back and relax at your local Hair Mechanix with a relaxing and refreshing scalp massage! You have the option of a 5 and 10-minute scalp massage that can be added onto your next cut. Give yourself  a little piece of heaven during your stressful day.

You might think; “A relaxing scalp massage for men? Why?”

Some of the benefits of scalp massages are; reduction of stress levels, mood boost, and they have been shown to help with scalp and hair health. By stimulating the hair follicles you increase blood flow to these areas, which in turn helps with healthy hair growth. Not only are you getting a calming and relaxing massage, but you’re also helping you overall scalp and hair health as well.

The Treatment

We start this little oasis with the option of a relaxing hot towel, or an invigorating cold towel. They are infused with 100% organic tea tree oil and put on your face. The hot towel will help to open your pores and relax your muscles while the tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic on your pores. Using a cold towel will help wake you up, close your pores, reduce puffiness, and tighten your skin. The choice is yours!

Now, The Scalp Massage

Now it is time to kick back and relax as our stylist gives you a refreshing scalp massage. This is done with a peppermint conditioning treatment that will give you an invigorating tingle! This conditioning treatment will leave your hair soft but not weighed down and hair that is touchably soft.

These “Treat – Mints” can be either 5 or 10 minutes long, you make the call. We promise that you’ll feel ten times better than how you felt walking in the door!

Add on your scalp massage to your next cut. Call for more details!

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