Hair Tips for Humid Weather

Hair Tips for Humid Weather

If your hair is not handling the humidity in summer well, Hair Mechanix has some tips to help your hair lay right!

The summer brings a lot of things. While there are plenty of fun things like pool parties and vacations, there are also plenty of frustrating things such as the humidity. The heat and humidity can be suffocating and, it can also make your hair unmanageable. So, in addition to having to protect your scalp from sun damage, you need to protect your hair from the effects of humidity.

How Humid Weather Affects Hair

Without a doubt, humidity and hair have a frustrating dynamic. You might be wondering how humidity causes your hair to go wild and the answer is simple: water molecules. When the weather is humid, there is an excess amount of water molecules in the air. These molecules enter your hair and bind with proteins. This rearranges the bonds inside your hair fibers which results in your hair forgetting its shape and going wild. It is the same as running a wet comb through dried hair.

As a result, the humidity will cause your hair to become wavy or frizzy before re-drying into a new shape. This drying effect can cause your hair to become flat or even greasy. There is nothing more frustrating than working to have a perfect hair day, only to have the humidity to ruin it. Fortunately, Hair Mechanix has some helpful tips to keep your hair looking great in humid weather.

Layrite products for helping hair lay rightHair Tips for Humidity

When it comes to maintaining your hair in humid conditions, there are a few things that you can do to protect your hair. One of the best ways to keep your hair in place is using a high-quality hair products. Pomade is a hair product that can help you keep your hair shiny and slick-looking. This hair product protects against frizz by sealing your hair, preventing your hair from becoming a mess.

Another way to prevent humidity frizz is to make your hair is properly hydrated it. Use rich conditioner and hair oil to help ensure that your hair is not dry before going into the humid weather. You should also avoid towel drying your hair because the friction can increase the chance of frizz. Finally, do not use shampoo for your hair as often if/when you shower daily. Shampoo has a drying effect that will make it more prone to humidity.

Same Goes for Beards!beard trim or shave for summer

Of course, your beard is affected adversely by humidity as well. If fact it may be even more annoying than your hair. You can’t tie it back like you can longer hair (maybe braid it, but not too many men can pull off that look). Product for your beard is available and can help, however, a cool beard trim or strait razor shave may be your best option.

Shorter Haircuts in Summer?

These hair tips should help you fight the humidity this summer. However, one of the best ways to combat humidity is to keep your hair length shorter. When you have dead ends and uneven strands of hair, humidity has a better chance of wreaking havoc. If you don’t want it shorter than normal, then maybe get it cut more often. Stop by your local Hair Mechanix ┬áthis summer and we’ll make sure you have good summer hair days!

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