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What is the Right Fade Haircut For You?

When people hear the words “fade haircut”, they begin to imagine the endless possibilities of how it might look. Some people are unable to tell the difference between a low fade and a high fade, whereas others think that an undercut and a taper fade are the same type of hairstyle. Nonetheless, each guy’s appeal is different, and knowing the different types of fade haircuts will save you a lot of disappointment.

Different Types of Fade Haircuts


1. Classical Fadehairstylist doing fade haircut in southgate mi

The classical fade is a hairstyle that usually starts about three to four inches above the hairline. The hair is faded at the same length around the perimeter of the head and each fading level is about ½ inch thick. This type of fade is a great choice to choose from because it’s the hairstyle to go to when you’re lost or stuck. The classical fade is super easy to take care of but requires regular visits to your local barber shop (every 4-6 weeks) for touch-ups.

2. Low Fade

When asked to get a low fade, you’re asking for your hairstylist to make your hair disappear about one inch above your natural hairline in the front and the back. This type of fade hairstyle will stay low as long as it is lower than the classical fade. Depending on the level of your fading line will determine how frequently to come back for a touch-up. The lower the fade, the more frequent you’ll have to come in. The top of a low fade haircut can be styled in many ways, depending on a person’s preference.

3. Taper Fade

A taper fade is often called a low fade, however, there are minor differences between the two. This type of fade hairstyle is a little higher than a low fade and the tapering is almost unnoticeable. Taper fades are the most popular hairstyles for men and are complemented by various hair designs at the shaved parts.

4. High Fade

Like the idea of a mohawk, but want something different? Get the high fade. This type of fade hairstyle stops fading at about two inches from the top part. What does that mean? Most of the hair perimeter will be shaved. A great thing about this hairstyle is that it is very low maintenance. Most people get touch-ups every 4-6 weeks, hence, your hair growth speed will determine how often you make an appointment to come in for touch-ups.

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