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Best Hairstyle Trends for 2021

best hairstyle trends for 2021

After a year of terrifying haircuts, people are finally getting proper haircuts. Because of that, hairstyle trends are booming. The question is…what are the best hairstyle trends for 2021? Well, Hair Mechanix is here to deliver. So here is a list of the best hairstyle this year.

Best Hairstyles Trends By Catagory

For our list, we are dividing the best hairstyles by category! We will tell you the best hairstyles for older men, young boys, black, and bald/thinning. After all, we want to make sure our best hairstyles fit a variety of styles. So let’s get started!

Older Men

The Slick Back

When it comes to the best hairstyles for older men, the slick back is what you are looking at. It’s a great haircut for men, especially if they are over the age of 50. In order to get this style, your hairstylist needs to brush your hair back and to the side. There is no need to worry about a part, just gel it back and rock this distinguished look!

Young Boys

The Quiff

Amongst young men and boys, the quiff has become a popular trend. This classy trend is a noticeable haircut. Also, it can be adjusted to be bold or subtle. However, for this style, you should talk to a professional stylist. That was your Quiff will be the best of the best!


High Fade Haircut

This hairstyle has been a regular choice for black men. And it still holds strong in 2021. In this style, there is a dramatic rise in the hairline. Alongside the top being shaved off a bit and giving a classic fade, this style is perfect.


The Peninsula

When it comes to balding and thinning, hairstyle is the most important thing. After all, bad hairstyles can emphasize the fact your hairline is receding. However, this top 2021 takes advantage of the receding hairline. The peninsula is short hair that doesn’t cover the receding hairline. Rather, it makes it the center of the style. In addition, the hairstyle uses the natural waves in someone’s hair to add texture.

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