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Clipper Guard Numbers and What They Mean

Clipper guard numbers will help you get the best cut!
Knowing the numbers on your clipper guards will make your next cut come out great!

Clipper guards are an easy way to communicate with your Hair Mechanix stylist what kind of haircut you want. Being able to walk into the shop and say “I’d like a 8 on top and a 4 on the sides” makes your cut come out perfectly. Not everyone who sits in one of our chairs understands what each clipper guard number means, which is why we’re here with this month’s “Hair Tips From Hair Mechanix”.

Knowing your clipper guard numbers are the best way to get the perfect cut. Even though some brands may vary very slightly in length, they are mostly consistent across the board. We’ll explain a few basics about clipper guards then go into the details about what each size means.

The Basics Of Clippers and Clipper Guard Numbers:

Guards go 0-8 (sometimes up to 10) depending on the brand. The lower the guard number the shorter the hair will be,
a lot of the lower numbers are used in fades, so if you request a fade you’ll have extra brownie points for knowing what number you’d like to fade from and into. Different brands will vary the length of the number (or how the number is displayed) so make sure to talk to your stylist beforehand. Know the length that you are aiming for, and communicate that to your stylist.

What each clipper guard numbers mean:

0 = No blade
As close to the head as you’re going to get. Without a clipper guard, you will get a traditional “Buzz Cut”. If you want a chrome dome… your Hair Mechanix stylist will bust out the razor

1 = ⅛ of an inch
This blade size will create a buzz cut look when used all over. Please note that when using a 1 your scalp will show, so if you are balding or have thinning hair you may want to go higher if used on top.

2 = ¼ of an inch
Still in the buzz cut category, leaving a ¼” of hair will give your head a fuller look and won’t expose your scalp as much as a 1 or 0. Great for fades and all around

3 = ⅜ of an Inch
This is the last guard of the short/buzz cut look. Not only will your scalp not be exposed but your hair will still be low maintenance

4 = ½ inch
This guard is closer to a crew cut than a buzz cut. This length is great for people with thick or thinning hair
5 = ⅝ th of an inch
Frequently used in a taper and considered closer to a crew cut or classic cut

6 = ¾ of an inch
Another length used to taper hair, this guard will give you enough hair to style, but will also

7 =⅞ of an inch
Great for men who want a crew cut look and have thicker or more hair.

8 = 1 inch
Best used to create length on top. This is the longest clipper guard

Before jumping into the world of clippers and clipper guards, make sure to try them out first at your local Hair Mechanix. Make sure to communicate with your stylist about what look you’re going for and bring pictures if you don’t know what to do.

We can’t emphasize this enough: If you don’t know what you want to tell your stylist. Also, we can always take more hair off. Stop into your local Hair Mechanix today!

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