Professional Hair Coloring Services For Men

So you’re starting to get a few grays here and there or are just bored with your regular hair color. You want to try something new, but can’t really decide what. Coloring your hair is an easy way to mix it up and take a few years off you as well. Getting your hair professionally…

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The Best Neckline For Your Next Cut

If you’ve never thought about it, you’re doing your awesome haircut a disservice. A neckline can make or break a hairstyle. Also, we know there are a lot of things you have to consider when you sit down in one of our chairs at Hair Mechanix, but it’s ok! We can help you make a…

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Clipper Guard Numbers and What They Mean

Clipper guards are an easy way to communicate with your Hair Mechanix stylist what kind of haircut you want. Being able to walk into the shop and say “I’d like a 8 on top and a 4 on the sides” makes your cut come out perfectly. Not everyone who sits in one of our chairs…

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