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Hottest Black Men Hairstyles or Haircuts

Hottest Black Men Hairstyles or Haircuts

As a black man finding a hairstyle that fits your hair type can be a challenge. How thick or how coarse your hair is can play a large role in what type of hairstyle will work for you. Although most black men hairstyles work well on any hair type, there are some cuts that work best on certain types. If you are looking for the best place for a hair cut in Livonia, Brighton, or Shelby Twonship, visit Hair Mechanix.

Hairstyles for black men with thicker coarse hair:

  • Faded Twists
  • Tapered Fro
  • Parted Box Fade

Hottest Black Men Hairstyles or HaircutsHairstyles for black men with curly hair:

  • Low Tapered Fro Out
  • Faded Mohawk
  • Faux Hawk

Hairstyles for black me with medium to thick hair

  • Side parted Low Taper

Hairstyles for black men with any hair type

  • Long Tight Taper
  • The Buzz
  • The Small Fro
  • Clean and Short
  • The Grown Out Buzz
  • Twists
  • Natural Curls
  • Waves
  • Polished Fade
  • Fro Hawk
  • Clean Shaved
  • Long Curls

Regardless of the type of hairstyle you choose, one of the most important aspects of your cut is your hairline. Our professional stylists will ensure that you not only love your style but that your hairline is crispy! Whether you want to incorporate designs into your fade, or just want a clean hairline to transpire into your beard, we have you covered so your hairline doesn’t have to be! In addition to a great haircut, you can get a great shave or massage as well at Hair Mechanix.

Finally, contact us today to speak to our professional stylists today about which hairstyle is best for you! Make sure to visit our newest locations in Brighton and Shelby Township.  Book your appointment today!

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