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Men’s Hair Trends for 2018

We know you want to have the coolest haircut for 2018, and the ladies here at Hair Mechanix want to help! We’ve checked with all the expert barbers, popular men’s hair magazines, and popular athletic haircuts as well. The tally is in from hairwear experts and we’ve compiled a list of popular men’s haircuts for 2018. So, get ready for the newest and coolest men’s hair trends for 2018!

Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere.


Fades cuts are still a huge men’s hair trend in 2018. The fade has been going strong for several years now and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Facial Hair
Beards are still all the rage, pretty much all shapes and sizes too. However, facial hair that is not considered a beard remains popular. Take care though, not every guy or face shape can accommodate the look. Next time you get your hair cut at one of our Detroit area locations or our shop in Jacksonville Florida, ask your stylist what she thinks!

New Hair Trends For Men in 2018


Manscaping and Beard Care
Beards aren’t going anywhere for 2018, they’re merely evolving. Beard Care is taking the front stage in 2018. No more of the dirty hippy beard or Coachella look. Taking good care of your beard and maintaining it will be integral in 2018. Time to invest and figure out how to use beard balm, beard oil, and a good comb. If you need tips or any grooming ideas come out to Hair Mechanix

Winter Buzz Cuts
This is a new men’s hair trend for 2018. The close buzz cut may not be new in style circles, but it is a hot look coming up in 2018, throw in a beard and you’ll be the coolest kid on your block.

Let Your Hair Down
The biggest trend that is sweeping the long locks off to the side and going with your hair’s natural texture. If you’re rocking your natural fro or trying to grow your hair out, 2018 is the perfect year for it. We’ve seen the “natural look” running large in manly trend circles. Just remember to keep your hair out of your face while hitting the gym in 2018.

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