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What Type Of Beard Fits Your Face Shape?

Best Beard Face Shape
What facial hair style best fits your face? We here at Hair Mechnix have compiled a handy guide for you

Dear Bearded men of the world, we know there are lots of beard styles and options available to you but not all of them work with your face shape. Certain face shapes are accentuated and can be complemented by the way you style your beard.

Best Beard Face Shape

You might be asking yourself “What kind of beard is best for the shape of my face? How do I find out?”, well, look no further. We’ve talked with our stylists and consulted with some industry experts and have compiled a list for you guys. Take a look and try one of these suggestions out next time you visit your local Hair Mechanix.


The oval face shape is one of the most versatile in terms of facial hair styles. You can pull off most looks and don’t have to worry about it not doing your face shape any justice. Make sure to keep your edges clean and cheek bones cleared.


With this particular face shape, the goal is to have the facial hair will lengthen the face. We suggest having shorter sides and length on the bottom, this will help create the illusion on a thinner face.


People with long faces will want a beard or facial hair style will want a facial hair style that is short and close to the face. Make sure that your chin hair is shorter than your hair on the sides. You could consider a designer stubble as an option.


With this face type, you will want a facial hair style that will often the jaw-line and compliments your cheek bones. You may have a strong jaw line, and you choose to accentuate that or soften it with a facial hair that will compliment it. We recommend a beard that is trimmed short and close to the face. You could consider a designer stubble or even a goatee. You have some versatility

No matter what face shape you have, bring your man maintenance over to Hair Mechanix. We will help you get all cleaned up and looking good.

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