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2017 Men’s Haircuts

Popular Men’s Styles For 2017

2017 Men's Haircut
Some styles live on, others are getting left back in 2016… see which ones make the cut!

Hello 2017! We here at Hair Mechanix are looking forward to the new year and all the new haircuts for 2017. We’ve been taking an initial survey of what’s popping up on the horizon

The Fade Lives On:

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: The fade is here to stay. 2016 saw the rise in the popularity of the fade and it’s not going anywhere. If you’ve not tried this style, let 2017 be the year you go for it. There are different variations of this style, so talk to your stylist about how you’d like yours to look.

The Pompadour:

The Pompadour is another famous and popular male style that isn’t going anywhere. This slicked back volumized look give your hair a clean sexy appearance that the ladies love. It requires you have length on the top, so if you’re due for a cut, we can get you started down the right path to the pompadour

Comb Over:

This is an oldie but stands the test of time. Slicking your locks off to the side is a great look and the cut is very versatile. Short on the sides (great chance to try a fade here!) and varying length on top will help you not only keep it sexy but gives you a chance to try different styles

Messy Locks:

If you’re sick of the clean and trim look then take a dip into the wild side. Varying lengths (From medium to shorter cuts) on top, with a controlled yet messy feel is coming back into style. Get ahead of the curve, talk with your Hair Mechanix stylist about trying this one out.

Growing It Out For Length Or The Man Bun:

If you want to try something really different and new, try growing your locks out. You can avoid the man bun, but get the edgy 90’s rock style that makes you stand out in a crowd The transition from short to long can be a mess if not done right, so let the experts at Hair Mechanix guide you through the varying stages. We’ll make sure that every cut you go though can hold it’s own as you work to grow out your hair.

For even more styles and trends we recommend talking it over with your stylist at your local Hair Mechanix! Call to book your appointment today!

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