Straight Razor Tips & Tricks

Straight Razor Shave Tips

Straight Razor Shave Tips

Straight Razor Shave Tips

A straight razor shave is one of the closest and smoothest shaves you will ever have. Doing it your self can be quite a challenge, so we composed some tips to help you with your next shave. Of course, you can visit your local Hair Mechanix for your next shave. The newly opened location in Shelby, for example, offers a free straight razor neck shave with your hair cut just like all our locations.

Straight Razor Tips To Consider

Straight Razor ShaveIf you are looking to shave, the first thing you need is time. Shaving with a straight razor is going to take a little more time than other forms of shaving. Next, you need to prepare for the shave. Taking a hot shower or washing the face with hot water helps soften the hairs and will make for a much smoother shave. Once you have decided on the razor of your choice, make sure to hold the blade at the proper angle. A 30-degree angle from the face is a good angle to use. More than that can tear and cut your face.

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To start, start at the sideburns and start moving downward, make the strokes short and even. Also, after each stroke make sure to clean the blade. When it comes to the chin lift the razor some and try to use the middle of the blade. After the first pass, you will most likely need to go over areas for a second time. Finally when finished, splash cold water on the skin this will tighten the pores. In addition, apple some moisturizer or shave balm, patting it in, avoid rubbing it.

Straight Razor Storage

Before putting the blade away, make sure to clean it thoroughly. Rinse and wipe with a soft cloth, store it in a dry area away from moisture. You can also use blade oil such as camellia oil. Of course, this is a lot of work for shaving, if you would prefer to have an expert stylist give you a straight razor shave visit Hair Mechanix.  With every hair cut, you get a free neck shave but you can also have a full fledge shave at any location. Visit us today!

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