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Top Five Haircuts for Men

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Top Five Haircuts at HMX Michigan

We recently asked our beautiful stylists what the top 5 haircuts for men that are being requested at each one of our Michigan locations. In addition, hairstyles change from year to year and season to season. Some guys don’t realize changing your hairstyle is not just for women! Also, there are traditional hairstyles for men, edgy hairstyles, professional hairstyles for men, buzz cuts, fades, and more hair cut styles that we get asked by our clients to cut every day.

Top trends, here is what our stylists came up with:

The Pompadour

The Pompadour hairstyle is when the front hair is swept upward and high from the forehead, this is usually done all around the sides as well. Furthermore, this hairstyle is liked by many men and has been a popular hairstyle for young men for the past few years.


The Undercut hairstyle is also known as Curtained Hair features a long fringe with a part to the side or middle, with shaved (or very short) side and back of the hair. The variations in cuts cover men from teenage to middle age. Guys love this style because it is an easy maintenance style.


There are many types of Fades. When a guy walks in and wants a fade we always ask specifics about what he wants to see with his fade. How short he wants the fade to start and end, sides, and top. If it’s something new we always recommend a picture so the stylist can be sure to give the client what they want. A few Fade Hair Styles we see are;

  • Classic – Timeless regular fade
  • Bald Fade
  • Disconnected Fade
  • High Fade

Caesar Hair Cut

Caesar hairstyle is a form of a buzz cut and one of the most popular short hairstyles. Our clients love this hairstyle because of its easy maintenance. Also, it has buzzed hair all around up to the crown of the head where it is blended leaving the length of hair desired to give the ability to spike or leave it be.

Top Five Haircuts for Men - Pompadour hair cutTop Five Haircuts for Men - undercut hairstyle

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are very popular a classic buzz cut is where the entire head is buzzed to one length. Also, we offer a great price for a one-length buzz cut all around. Many men try to buzz their own hair at home. They think ‘how hard can one length all around the head to do?’. Well, we see a lot of clients with patches and uneven hair from trying to do it themselves. Come in and relax, we will buzz the worry away from having uneven hair and bald spots. In addition, we’ll have you walking out with a fresh buzz all around.

Out of these Top Five Haircuts for Men, the most popular hairstyle is The Bald Fade.

We get many requests for Bald Fades, this is not your normal guy’s haircut. This is practiced, mastered, and creative artwork! Also, be sure to ask the stylists for the Bald Fade specialist at the Hair Mechanix Shop near you! Finally, book your appointment today or stop by any location!

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