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Halloween Haircut Time

Boo! Time to get ready for Halloween! Halloween is one of the best times of the year. A time of year where people can go all out with amazing costumes and makeup. You can either dress up like a charming prince or a horrifying serial killer like Micheal Myer. However, getting your haircut in October can be tricky. You want your hair to work with your Halloween costume, but you don’t want to look like a slob the rest of the time. Around this time of year, you’ve probably let your hair get a little unruly or your recent cut has grown out. Hair Mechanix can understand this conflict. This is why your Halloween haircut is with us.

Halloween Haircut at Hair Mechanix
A good costume starts with a good haircut from Hair Mechanix.

Challenges of Halloween Haircuts and Costumes

Although Halloween is a beloved holiday. There are a lot of challenges people have to face during October. Especially when it comes to your haircuts and costumes.

An All-Around Haircut

Finding the perfect haircut during the Halloween season is challenging. First of all, you want to be able to match your costume without looking like a total mess afterward. After all, your haircut will be going into the next holiday season. You don’t want your family or in-laws judging you for still having a zombie-like hairstyle. Not to mention, you do not want to go to work with a hairstyle that looks like a mess. Presentation matters before and after Halloween.

Makeup is Not A Skill

You could have an amazing costume idea but it requires some special touches. Makeup. While you can forgo the process, makeup can make you look scarier and unique compared to others. However, most men do not know the first thing about doing their own makeup. Sure, you have your significant other or a female relative do the makeover. But some techniques are beyond what regular makeup users can do. For covering your body in makeup and body paint, you need to put special matting to prevent smearing.

You Are Too Busy

Between planning your Halloween parties, getting your kids into the Halloween spirit, and getting your costume together, October can fly by quickly. Life happens. After all, you still have to work and deal with everyday stresses. A combination of this means getting a haircut seems likes a pipe dream. However, all of these problems can be solved at Hair Mechanix!

Getting Your Halloween Haircut at Hair Mechanix

Here at  Hair Mechanix, we love Halloween! We always love hearing about what Halloween events our customers are going to, or what their kids Halloween costume is going to be. Let us get your hair and costume jiving together with a fresh new haircut. Getting in the Halloween attitude is all about your mindset and having great hair is a good first step. We can cut your hair to match your Halloween costume or give you a new look you’ve been meaning to try out.

If you’ve not picked your Halloween costume, you’d better hurry! We can give your hair the star of your costume! In addition, our stylists are experts in makeup! They can help you get prepared for Halloween by doing your makeup. So, while you are getting your haircut to perfection get an entire makeover! Timing your hairstyles around Halloween is not only smart but setting you up for success in November. That’s why you should get into a Hair Mechanix soon to get your Halloween haircut before October ends.

Had a hard time finding a Hair Mechanix location last year? Hair Mechanix has opened new locations in Florida! We have now 3 locations for customers to get the best service!

So don’t delay, come into your local Hair Mechanix for your Halloween haircut!

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